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Opening to Brainwave Experiences via Technology

2009 September 2

Every brainwave frequency can easily be altered via a process known as brainwave entrainment.  FFR (or ‘frequency following response) happens when the brain synchronises to a rhythm. In it’s basic form, brainwave synchronization has endured for thousands of years, and dates back to ancient tribal customs.

Holo-Sync is an alternative health technology, designed to heal emotion and mental blocks.  Developed by Bill Harris and his Centerpointe Foundation, Holo-Sync is widely acclaimed for its quality though to a great extent criticised for its excessive pricing.

Scientific studies aside, some corporations continue to take on brainwave entrainment research.  A legitimate brainwave entrainment expert would be The Transparent Corporation. The Transparent Corporation offers professional entrainment software capable of integration with EEG, biofeedback and neurofeedback devices.

Extraordinary Brainwave Application

Scientific study has show again and again, that brainwave entrainment can be used to stimulate altered states of consciousness.  The following exhibits successfully proved uses for brainwave entrainment outside the regions of every day activity.

  • Hypnagogic States:   Before sleep, the mind at times falls into a state of half-dream.  Reported examples of this frequently claim the individual feeling they have tripped over or fallen out of bed.   The theta frequency may be used to stimulate prolonged states of hypnagogia.
  • Hallucination:  Related to the states of hypnagogia, are states of hallucination.  Enhanced theta and alpha activity are frequently registered during such experiences.
  • Lucid Dreaming:  A state of conscious dreaming, where the person is aware they are dreaming and able to influence or even control their dream.  By entraining brainwaves into the delta frequency, sleep is evoked.  Random spikes of theta activity may then be prompted during deep sleep – which successively can lead to conscious dreaming.

Shamanism in many cases, uses psychoactive means in order to enter altered states.  Nonetheless, this is not always the case; other shamanic civilizations have applied sound in order to stimulate altered states of consciousness.  This is something which many will be aware of, though may not have interpreted its true function.  Science has now began to tread this ancient pathway and brainwave entrainment is a outcome of that.

There has for a while now, been a coming together of science and the more esoteric knowledge.  This convergence has gone largely overlooked, yet it can be seen within the brainwave entrainment community, and the amount of products that are fashioned to allow the user to enter states such as lucid dreaming, as well as visionary and hypnagogic experiences.   A prime example of this convergence would be the ancient Gregorian Chants of the Church.  Composed on a different musical scale to the modern one, the Gregorian Chants served many purposes, among these, was healing

Brainwave entrainment is now approaching a doorway where it passes up a whole new world it transports us into experiences that science is still struggling to explain.